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Additional Course Details

The Social Value and SROI Accreditation course is highly practical and hands-on. 

Whether you represent a public body seeking to maximize wellbeing or policies such as a social procurement strategy, a charity measuring impact and improving services, or a private business looking at ESG performance, SROI training will help you to meet your objectives.  For more details about the benefits of applying social value thinking in your sector, click here. 

There are two options to maximize the benefit of enrollment in this course.  Option A) is for all seeking Level 2 Practitioner status by Social Value International.   Option B) is for any practitioner seeking more in depth SROI knowledge and skills, either in preparation for Level 1 Practitioner status or simply to support use of social value thinking in their organization. More information on the Social Value Practitioner Pathway is here. 

Maximum course enrolment is limited to 12 people per session.  Up to 5 can be enrolled in Option A) the balance of each cohort can be enrolled as Option B) participants.  

As Social Value & SROI Training can count toward Level 2 Practitioner status, Option A) offers 1-1 mentoring with the course leader, course assignments with feedback, and post course coaching.  All completing assignments will receive the Certificate of Completion required to become a Level 2 Practitioner. 

Option B) participants participate fully in each session but are not asked to complete assignments.  Option B) can be upgraded to Option A) at any point in the course.   All B) participants will receive an SVC Certificate of Participation. 

Each session is recorded so all can revisit course content at their convenience.  

Course Deliverables:

Participants in Group A (** Limited to 5 per Course) 

  • 5 x 3-hour online training sessions delivered over 2 weeks
  • digital materials 
  • Access to course recordings for revision and or catch-up 
  • Access to worked examples across all sectors 
  • Exercises to complete and submit by Google Classroom* 
  • Group webinar for Q&A, discussion, 1-on-1 feedback on exercises * 
  • Individual feedback on coursework* 

Participants in Group B  (** Unlimited, Total Course Size 12) 

  • 5 x 3-hour online training sessions delivered over 2 weeks 
  • Digital materials 
  • Access to course recordings for revision and or catch-up 
  • Access to worked examples across all sectors 
  • Group webinar for Q&A, discussion
Benefits of Enrolment
  • Build your professional network with peers applying SROI and social value principles across a variety of circumstances
  • Increased understanding of the background and philosophy underpinning use of social value principles in every sector 
  • Enhanced knowledge of tools to measure and value outcomes, and to effectively present that information to key audiences 
  • Increased confidence in the application of social value principles across your organization, to prove and improve impact 
  • A 12-month individual membership to the Social Value Canada network, for continued professional development in impact measurement and valuation
2021 Social Value & SROI Training Dates
Who is my Trainer?

Social Value & SROI Training is lead by Stephanie Robertson, Board Chair of Social Value Canada and Founder & CEO of SiMPACT Strategy Group. 

A Level 3 Accredited Practitioner and Trainer, Stephanie brings to her training hands on case study experience in fields as diverse as crime prevention, social procurement, health care, crime prevention, environmental management, diversity & inclusion, access to education, physical fitness, access to sport, entrepreneurship, mining, financial literacy and social enterprise network development, among others. 


Thanks very much for the training, and pragmatic commentary – your materials are the best I have experienced.

Why did I wait so long to take this course!

I think this course and knowledge is absolutely necessary across sectors.