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Announcing new SVI Software Accreditation: RIDDL

Congratulations to Canadian-born company RIDDL who just achieved the SVI Software Accreditation!

RIDDL is a tech startup that was built to help organizations go beyond reporting of ESGs and impact to understand the change that has been made from an investment or initiative. RIDDL is driven to help organizations better understand through data what actually delivers positive impact outcomes and what does not, allowing for companies and organizations to funnel more resources and repeat actions that work to solve our most complex social and environmental problems.

RIDDL says:

The SVI accreditation means that we have built a better product, that we and our customers can have more confidence in, that is transparent and aligns with highly regarded standards for impact measurement. We are very proud our team hit this product milestone.

Why did you choose to apply for the SVI software accreditation process?

“We hold SVI methodology in high regard, as do customers who know about social impact measurement and it was important for us to be authenticated as following a high-quality standard. It was also important that we were transparent on how SROI calculations were happening and following the SVI SROI methodology meant that we had committed to a certain method and that our customers and us could be confident in the SROI reports.”

Is there anything you gained or found useful from the accreditation process?

“Absolutely! SVI staff were incredibly insightful throughout our iterative development process and review, they were able to provide guidance both from a technical perspective but further on the subject matter. The software is better for having received this input into the product development from SVI.”

What is your plan going forward?

“Going forward, our aim is that impact measurement is simplified and not time-consuming for organizations doing good in the world.”

Thank you RIDDL for placing your trust in our SVI Software Accreditation! We are looking forward to following RIDDLs further social value journey and are excited to stay connected.

If you want to learn more check out RIDDLs website. For specific questions you may approach Jess Peters (RIDDL’s COO) by email or schedule a meeting with her here, or Jenelle Sobey (RIDDL’s CEO) by email.