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How to help non-profits unleash their impact

Sophia Robinson is a Chartered Professional Accountant and consultant with extensive experience in the for-profit, social enterprise and charity sectors. She is one of Canada’s few Level 3 Advanced Social Value Practitioners and she completed an assured SROI (Social Return…

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Meet Social Value Associate Graham Hill

At Social Value Canada, our training is organized along a three-tiered “Professional Pathway” through which you can gain internationally recognised credentials in SROI, social value, and impact management.    We’re delighted to introduce Graham Hill, a vice president of a major…

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Building Just and Inclusive Cities

We recently had the privilege of participating in a webinar hosted by the Toronto Community Benefits Network (TCBN) as part of their 2023 Online Roundtable Series Events. The webinar, titled 'Advancing Social Procurement and Supply Chain Diversity,' was moderated by…

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