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Bringing Social Value into 2020

New Decade, New Connections…

Many of you may know that Social Value Canada has been operating since 2012. We are thrilled to be moving forward into a new decade of network development, service offerings and ideas to convene and mobilize social value discussions across Canada.

Our inspiration comes from a variety of places. Much inspiration flows from social value activities we know are happening across the country. In the last three weeks alone, we have received spontaneous contacts from Newfoundland, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and federally. Practitioners and policy makers are seeking access to proxy value banks, to training, and to collaborators for idea sharing. This is evidence of the potential for our Canada network to convene, collect and share, and to be an active part of Social Value International (SVI).

In addition to upcoming training opportunities (to be announced February 10th!) Social Value Canada is co-hosting Global Impact Week, September 28-October 2 with Social Value Thailand (Toronto-Bangkok), in partnership with Social Value International. We are energized to host international and local innovators working to impact the planet. This decade, there is much work to be done on behalf of reducing inequality and increasing environmental sustainability. Our planet depends on our commitment to resource allocation that reflects social, environmental and financial value creation as three parts of a whole.

We look forward to your involvement in the social value agenda. Take a course! Lead a discussion! Share your work! Collaborate! The urgent need to advance social value work is upon us. You are invited to help share SVC into the social value network Canada requires.

New Social Value Accreditation Pathway

Like in any professional practice, social value practitoners gain skills and accreditation as their use of methods increases. The most well-known pathway is the road to SROI accreditation – Social Value International’s best-known and well-developed practitioner course.

In response to increasing interest, and to recognize practitioners as their social value skills progress, Social Value International has launched a new practitioner pathway.

Click here to learn more. 

Reflections From the Social Finance Forum

This past November, over 600 investors, entrepreneurs and professionals from the world of finance, nonprofit and public policy, converged upon the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, Canada for the annual Social Finance Forum (#SFF19).

Social Value Canada was there! Our session with Jed Emerson and Jake Stacey was full to the rafters with energy, ideas and insights. Our SVC Board Chair reflects upon #SFF19  here.

Ten Impact Questions For 2020

Moving into a new decade is a great time to seek opportunities to achieve greater impact. Optimizing social value means asking the right questions and using a data-driven approach.

Use these Ten Impact Questions and review the Maximize Your Impact guide to learn how to do good better.

Give This a Listen!

We recommend this episode of SheEO’s podcast, where SheEO Founder Vicki Saunders sits down with Joy Anderson, Founder of Criterion Institute, to talk about how finance can be used to transform structural inequalitites, and so much more!

Save The Date!

Participate in global conversations about how we make social value a bigger part of our decision making.

Details to follow, but save the date and plan to join us!