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Canadians to Engage in International Social Value Movement

April 8th, 2020

Canadians to Engage in International Social Value Movement

Social Value Canada (SVC) is proud to announce the launch of membership opportunities in the Canadian social value network – an essential resource in the advancement of social value thinking among leading corporations, government bodies, non-profits and charities.

“The social value movement is engaging leading companies, governments and the social profit sector”, says Stephanie Robertson, Chair of the Social Vale Canada Board. “We are seeing a convergence, in the way corporations are seeking to value social and environmental impact, in how governments desire evidence of impact upon well-being and climate change, and in how charitable and social profit organizations seek to report on their work.  Now is the time for conversations about social value across Canada to be connected, and to be engaged internationally.”

Across the globe, the social value movement seeks to change the way we account for value.  This is essential, as changing the way we account for value will change how resources are allocated.  Changes to how we allocate resources will prioritize positive environmental impact and contribute to meeting climate change objectives.  Addressing inequality and focusing on actions that contribute to overall well-being are essential to the goal of meeting climate change objectives.

As the Canadian link to the Social Value International Network ( ), Social Value Canada offers a cross-sector forum to access tools, methods and knowledge to combine social, environmental and financial value – toward the goal of creating more sustainable value as resources are invested.

Membership in SVC is designed to encourage maximum involvement across a range of practice, experience and organizations.  All have a role to play in the rapidly emerging social value agenda.  Get involved today!



Kaz Flinn, Board Advisor
Social Value Canada
(416) 642 5461

About Social Value Canada

Social Value Canada is a membership organization for all interested in the social value dialogue, across Canada.  We convene, support, collaborate with, and represent members in all sectors and across all levels of interest, resulting in a vibrant and active community.

Benefits of SVC involvement include:

  • A national network
  • Raised profile as a social value expert
  • Timely access to Canadian and international social value trends
  • Development of new skills and knowledge
  • Priority (and discounted) access to conferences, webinar and trainings

SVC memberships includes automatic, joint membership in Social Value International, a pioneering community of practice with participants from more than 45 countries.

For more information and to purchase a membership, visit our website at