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Meet Social Value Associate Graham Hill

At Social Value Canada, our training is organized along a three-tiered “Professional Pathway” through which you can gain internationally recognised credentials in SROI, social value, and impact management.   

We’re delighted to introduce Graham Hill, a vice president of a major Canadian charity and our newest Associate Social Value Practitioner. We congratulate Graham for his achievement in passing the Level 1 Social Value Associate exam and encourage him in his intention to progress further along the Professional Pathway! 

What excites you about Social Value Canada and our mission?   

Striving to establish a consistent system of valuation for social impact measurement will help society put new values on their investments to charities and other organizations. The knowledge-building program that SVC has started helps provide people with tools to help quantify this system and provide the human narrative. 

What was your motivation to take the exam and join the Practitioner Community?

To be able to demonstrate the impact of our non-profit and help others do the same. 
The goal was to bring inhouse expertise around social impact valuation so we can better understand our programs and impact. The broader goal was to provide expertise to other local charities in our network to help them do the same.

How do you think becoming a practitioner will impact you and your work?

It already has by challenging my thinking and perspectives on program creation, measurement and my own personal investments.

Now that you are an AP Level 1 Practitioner, what’s next? 

AP Level 2.  

Start your journey on the Professional Pathway here