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New Member Alert: WCG Services!

Social Value Canada is proud to announce our newest organizational member, WCG Services! 

As an employment services company, WCG has been creating sustainable employment opportunities for individuals, businesses, and communities for over 25 years. They specialize in partnering with governments, local agencies, and employers to provide the necessary support and programs that empower individuals to find meaningful employment, and for organizations to hire people with the right skills.  

On December 5th, WCG Services organized the “Peel & York Summit”, an event that brought together Employment Services Providers, government representatives, community service experts, and stakeholders for a day focused on community, collaboration, and learning.  The Ministry of Labour Training Skills and Development was present, as well as community partners and advisory bodies such as WES- World Education Service, ODEN Ontario Disability Employment Network, CMHA.  

It was a remarkable event, showcasing WCG’s commitment to community by hosting and convening their partners for a day of mutual capacity-building. The summit became a platform for WCG and its partners to exchange successes, lessons, and overall best practices. WCG Services took this opportunity to celebrate their partners through an awards ceremony, demonstrating a culture of shared success and mutual appreciation. Award winners included March of Dimes Newmarket and YCMA Richmond Hill in the York region, as well as The Job Centre and Achev – Malton in the Peel region. 

Furthermore, the pride that all stakeholders at the event took in their work’s value to communities was truly palpable. Despite helping an impressive amount of clients secure employment, they did not equate numbers with success. Instead, it was the profound impact experienced by their clients that was highlighted to be the most celebrated aspect of their work, illustrating the people-centered approach. They chose to spotlight the real stories of the individuals they supported at various stages of their lives with various needs, and how that opportunity for employment transformed the lives of their clients. 

Social Value Canada is delighted to have an organization join our network that puts communities and individuals affected by their work at the center of their decision-making.  Welcome WCG!