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Level 3: Advanced Practitioner

The applicant will prove:

  • Advanced demonstration of practical competence in the application of social impact and social value assessment with all aspects of SVI Framework applied in full

Assessment for criteria:

  • Applicant must be a Level 1 AP ‘Associate Practitioner’. *Applicants do not have to have achieved Level 2 AP status to apply for Level 3.
  • Successful completion of Accredited Social Value and SROI Practitioner training course OR Accredited Impact Management for Enterprises training course (*course to be released in early 2020)
  • Successful assurance of Social Impact or SROI analysis.
    • Analysis cannot be supported through a formal mentoring process.
    • Analysis cannot have undertaken a staggered assurance route (i.e. including the Pre-Assurance Outcomes Check)
    • Analysis must apply all criteria in full with no limitations.
  • Overview statement of interest and commitment to Social Value, Impact Management and social impact assessment or SROI. Statement must include detail of the social impact analysis/SROI being used for application.
  • Successful completion of interview with external assessor and assurance team.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants can use EITHER an SROI or Social Impact analysis for their AP application. HOWEVER, if a full SROI is not used then this could have implications for progressing to becoming an Accredited Trainer

Opportunities for progressions:

  • Eligibility for delivering Accredited Social Value and SROI training courses, or the Accredited Impact Management for Enterprises training courses.
  • Eligible to provide SVI Assurance and Accreditation services as part of an SVI network

Valid for:

  • 2 years