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Social Value Canada – Launch of Principle 8 – Be Responsive!

The Social Value International Network launches Principle 8 – Be Responsive!

On behalf of our international movement, SVI has officially published the global standard for applying Principle 8 – Be Responsive!

The eighth principle of social value ‘Be Responsive’ is a management principle. It represents the need for organizations to respond to impact measurement results with timely and meaningful actions.

Be Responsive – Optimum Social Value that is timely and supported by appropriate accounting and reporting.

Needs for this standard emerged from recognition that understanding the value of impact is not enough. We need to act on that understanding; in a timely, meaningful and accountable way.

Learn more about Principle 8 here.

Social Value International is a Global Standard Setter

SVI has been setting the global standards for impact measurement, impact management and social value accounting – for over 15 years. Our job at Social Value Canada is ensure the standards are interpreted and applied in a reasonably consistent and meaningful way.

The Principles of Social Value and the standards for applying each principle, have been developed through engagement with stakeholders across the world – including social enterprises, investors, small and large companies, evaluators, researchers, practitioners, academics, and policy makers.

Now is the time for social value thinking, and for all organizations to produce social value accounts. Tell us where you are on your journey! Email us to be in touch


Join the Principle 8 Webinar on July 14th!

Join us on July 14th as we introduce the new Principle 8: Be Responsive and the launched Standard!

This webinar will be a chance to understand more about the new Principle, what this means to your Impact Management and Measurement work, and ask any questions you have! Sign up here to join the webinar. 

Social Value Canada Membership

Our Canadian network is bringing together a community of members interested in Social Value, Impact Management, and Social Return on Investment (SROI). Membership can be either individual or for a whole organization

Join Social Value Canada. Become part of an exciting global movement that seeks to change the way the world accounts for value. Be part of our international rising social value tide. Together we can lift all boats!

As an SVC member, you will be able to:

  • Gain access to the Canadian and international network of SVC
  • Be informed in the field’s newest developments
  • Build your expertise in social value and become a knowledge hub within your industry
  • Shape the agenda of the Canadian movement
  • Raise your profile and the awareness of your cause

Become a Social Value Canada Affiliate

SVC Affiliates are organizations that share our Canadian and global vision to address inequality and climate change, through decision-making that seeks to enhance the wellbeing for all.

There is no cost to affiliation, merely a mutual commitment to cross-post news, knowledge, and information about training and learning opportunities. SVC affiliates can offer their own members discounted access to SVC ‘happenings’.

As an affiliate you will also receive ongoing recognition as part of our national and international movement on the SVC website, in newsletters, and on social media. Contact Arnaud for more details.