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Social Value Canada – Newsletter June 2022

The Social Value International (SVI) Practitioner Pathway

Whether your organization is focused on maximizing impact, achieving social development goals, or addressing sustainability through ESG, now is the time to acquire the skills of social value thinking.

Social value and social return on investment (SROI) training gives professionals the tools to maximize the impact of their work and effectively promote its value. Social Value International (SVI) sets standards for the use of social value tools, and Social Value Canada is the gateway to access this international accreditation for Canadians.

The SVI Practitioner Pathway has three tiers that are designed to reflect developing skills, knowledge and practice in social value. In addition, each level offers an advancement in impact management and the practical application of the SVI framework in social impact assessment and SROI

Level 1. Associate Practitioner signifies theoretical competence in social value and impact management in line with the SVI Framework.


Level 2: Accredited Practitioner indicates achievement of practical skills and knowledge in the application of social impact and social value assessment


Level 3: Advanced Practitioner – demonstrates advanced practical competence in the application of social impact and social value assessment with all aspects of SVI Framework

By joining the professional pathway, you will be showcasing your skills and expertise to potential clients, employers or partners. You will also be joining an amazing community of experts who are shaping the standards and changing the way the world accounts for value.

Stand out from the crowd, and demonstrate your knowledge and skills in social value and impact management. Embark on the Professional Pathway today!

Upcoming Courses

Join us on July 7th, for a one-day, online course Introduction to Social Value and SROI.

In three 90-minute sessions, explore the fundamentals of SROI and how individuals and organizations can truly account for social value. This course is a great foundation for the two-day SROI practitioner course, great prep to sit the AP1 exam, or a useful standalone experience for those seeking to learn more about SROI. Click here to register!

All Upcoming SROI Introduction Courses:

Join us for Accredited Practitioner Training – a prerequisite for achieving AP Level 2. The next start date is July 11 (online). This course is designed for all seeking to deepen knowledge, to build skills in application, and to advance on the SVI Practitioner Pathway.

All Upcoming Accredited Practitioner Courses:

  • July 11-15 (10am-1pm) & July 21 (10:30-11:30), Register Now!
  • September 19-23 (10am-1pm) & September 29 (10:30-11:30), Register Now!
  • November 14-18 (10am-1pm) & November 24 (10:30-11:30), Register Now!

Kim O’Reilly Embarks on the SVI Professional Pathway

We’re happy to announce Canada’s newest Level 1 Accredited Practitioner Kim O’Reilly!

We chatted with Kim about her experience with the social value movement and involvement with Social Value Canada:

What excites you about Social Value Canada and our mission?   

What excites me is that SVC goes beyond the economic concept of “value” to include the impact on people, the environment and the economy for decision making. By doing this we can provide resources that benefit both people and the planet. 

What was your experience in the course and taking the exam? 

The Social Value Associate Level 1 course provided the opportunity to get a full understanding of the principles and how they are applied. I learned from our instructor, and other course participants as well. The exam was an excellent measurement of understanding of the values and principles. 

How have you already integrated social value thinking into your organization? 

As an independent consultant, I have introduced the concepts to the agencies I am involved with. As a community member and volunteer, I have created awareness with various organizations when the opportunity presented itself. 

Now that you are a Level 1 Practitioner, what will you do next? 

My plan is to continue my learning while creating awareness. I am looking forward to obtaining my Level 2. 

Hurrah Kim! We look forward to your involvement as you achieve your social value goals and objectives.