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Social Value Canada – Newsletter November 2020

Hurrah for Edmond Michaud!

Breaking News!  Edmond Michaud is now Canada’s first SVI Level 1 Associate Practitioner!

Level 1 Associate Practitioner status shows that the applicant has demonstrated theoretical competence in social value and impact management in line with the SVI Framework.

Based in Sept-Îles, Quebec, Edmond has been working at Hommes de Sept- Îles for over 8 years. Hommes Sept-Îles is a general hub of resources for men, providing individual interventions (distress situations and more), accompaniment, support, group meetings, a mobile men’s shed (woodworking), workshops for fathers and children, and a Maison Oxygène (housing for fathers and children).

We spoke with Edmond about this great achievement!

Why have you decided to undertake the Social Value International Practitioner Pathway? What has led to your application for Level 1 Associate Practitioner status?

The SROI principle-based method appeared to be the most up-to-date, complete, relevant, and the most universally accepted / acceptable method of measuring impacts of organizations on their stakeholders.

What did you learn and find useful from this assessment process?

The two main aspects of the Level-1 material that surprised me the most are : 1-the extent to which the stakeholders are involved in the whole process, compared to how few we instinctively think of involving them; 2-the extent to which any SROI analysis is part of an iterative process, leading to the need for more SROI analysis (being relevant for a continuous improvement mindset, instead of limiting the objective to convincing funders of the social profitability of our services).

Is there anything that you believe you will gain or find useful in the steps you will take for working towards the next level of the SVI Practitioner Pathway?

I will find utility in getting some help to bridge the requirements of my MBA program (Applied Research Project) to the Levels 2-3 SROI accreditation. (As my ARP subject will be to perform an SROI forecast analysis on 1 or more of our services). I look forward for my SROI competences to help us improve the impacts of the services provided through our organisation, as well as other affiliated organisations at the local, regional and provincial levels.

Are there any other specific projects you are doing at the moment that are related to SROI/social value?

I am part of a community mandated to create a new database for organisations housing fathers and children, and helping men in distress from a generalist organisational model. I am look forward for my SROI learnings to influence how this new database will be built. Ideally, I would like it to be “SROI ready”.

You have now joined a community of practice around the globe. What does this mean to you and why do you want to participate and contribute to the development of the methodology and overall social value movement?
The SROI principle-based method being relatively new, it will benefit from a thriving community of practice in improving its parameters and fundamentals on a continual basis, in order for people and communities all over the world to find relevance in measuring and improving impacts of any initiatives. The methodology and the movement will need timely adjustments as circumstances over the world are changing.


Well-being is often understood as a feeling that every human is supposed to know, share, experience and recognize. To a formidable extent, we have yet to learn what it means in so many places for so many people in so many different environments. SROI is a promising step towards showing us how close or far we are from this presumed understanding, and providing otherwise faraway cues on how to improve our offering of goods and services
To contact Edmond please visit LinkedIn page.

Social Value in 2020; Five Key Milestones You Need to Know

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SDG Impact Practice Standard for Enterprises

Businesses and investors are increasingly seeking opportunities to make positive contributions towards sustainable development and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The SDG Impact Standards have been designed to offer guidance as business meet that need.

The SDG Impact Standards provide a common language and best-practice guidance for integrating impact management into business and investment practices and decision-making with an eye towards positive and negative effects on people and the planet.  SVI has offered insights and input into the overall SDG Impact Standard

More information about the SDG Impact Standards can be found here .

SVC AGM (2021)

With the growth in the number of Social Value Canada members, it is time for our AGM!  Dates are to be announced in late April/early May 2021.

If you are not yet a member, now is the time to join. It is time to change the way the world accounts for value. Click here to become a member.