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Social Value Canada – Social Value and Impact are gaining traction

The Most Comprehensive Social Enterprise Report Yet

In June the British Council and Social Enterprise UK published a report concluding that there are approximately 11 million social enterprises across the world.

The research “More in Common: The Global State of Social Enterprise” was a pioneer report aiming to identify how many social enterprises – businesses driven by a social or environmental purpose – exist globally. The report is based on the most comprehensive data ever gathered in the field and covers 27 countries and territories, representing 40% of the world’s population. Developed, developing, stable, and fragile states were included

The report shows some interesting facts, such as:

  • Social enterprises are much more likely to be led by women than conventional businesses, and they are often headed by young people.
  • Social enterprises are increasingly attracting academic attention as well as support from governments around the world.
  • In many countries there is no explicit legislation for social enterprise nor a distinct type of legal form. We need coordinated and constructive advocacy for social enterprises to take policy forward.

Furthermore, the research shows that social enterprises across the world have multiple things in common. The pain points are similar, and there are similar silver linings. While their working conditions may be different, they have the potential to learn from each other. A common thread among all social enterprises is that their mission and philosophies are similar.

There is no typical social entrepreneur. But they have commonalities, like passion and flair, and not accepting no for an answer Paula Woodman, Head of Global Social Enterprise, British Council

This historic report shows how social enterprise is one of the largest movements of our time. It does not have a visible leader or figurehead, but it is rather driven by a movement of millions of people developing the kinds of companies we need in the 21st century. They are significant in number and are present in every community and society around the world. We know that social enterprises are essential in the effort to recover from the pandemic and drive more inclusive, sustainable economies and societies.

“Working in this new way, across fellow actors and with global evidence to back the case, we seek to engage public and private leaders to recognize the value and engage their support for the movement,” he said.

Take a look at the whole report here or read a summary here.

SVI Joint Member Network Snapshot – Social Value Aotearoa!

About two months ago, on the 21st of June, we celebrated National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada. A country from which we can learn a lot with regards to treatment, reconciliation and inclusion of Indigenous Peoples, is New Zealand.

We spoke with Sneha Lakhotia from Social Value Aotearoa and asked her about their effort in working with the New Zealand Indigenous population. Sneha provided us with several impressive and inspirational answers, such as:

  • The social value movement in New Zealand has actually been built on foundations of Indigenous peoples.
  • Aotearoa is an Indigenous word itself and means the long white cloud. It is also the current Māori-language name for New Zealand.
  • People in the country and in SV Aotearoa are working closely with local Indigenous organizations.
  • Lots of social value practitioners are from nonprofit Indigenous organizations.
  • SV Aotearoa is endorsed by one of the biggest agencies focused on the Indigenous population.
  • There are people from Indigenous organizations on the SV Aotearoa board, ensuring Indigenous voices are heard during decision-making and planning processes.
  • Projects and studies were done by SV Aotearoa in collaboration with the Indigenous population.
  • The values of social value and the Indigenous population are closely aligned, so it is easier to connect to the Indigenous population.

The philosophy of the New Zealand Indigenous population is more family and people centric, which blends very well into SV principles. Therefore, Sneha argued the values and vision are completely aligned. Furthermore, SV Aotearoa closely interacts with the Indigenous population; they are trying to understand their needs and want to help building appropriate solutions.

Stay tuned for a more comprehensive article on SV Aotearoa and other SVI Joint member networks. Until then check out Social Value Aotearoa’s website for more info.

Value What Matters. Start Here.

Interest in the Social Value agenda is emerging from all directions. If you are seeking to understand how social value fits into your work there are two paths you can take:

The Introduction to Social Value and SROI Course

In three 90-minute sessions, explore the fundamentals of SROI and how individuals and organizations can truly account for social value. This course is a great foundation for the two-day SROI practitioner course, great prep to sit the AP1 exam, or a useful standalone experience for those seeking to learn more about SROI. Click here to register!

All Upcoming SROI Introduction Courses:

Embark on the Practitioner Pathway

Join us for Accredited Practitioner Training – a prerequisite for achieving AP Level 2. The next start date is September 19 (online). This course is designed for all seeking to deepen knowledge, to build skills in application, and to advance on the SVI Practitioner Pathway.

All Upcoming Accredited Practitioner Courses:

    • September 19-23 (10am-1pm) & September 29 (10:30-11:30), Register Now!
    • November 14-18 (10am-1pm) & November 24 (10:30-11:30), Register Now!

SVC Practitioner Database – Soon to be Launched!

At SVC we are working to meet the growing demand for SROI and Social Value Practitioners.

In order to do that we are launching a database for all people providing services connected to social value and impact. The database will help you connect with other practitioners and will support you in expanding your network.

We will be reaching out to all AP Level 1,2, and 3 Practitioners. If you would like to have your name and details in the database please get in touch here.

Organizational Member Spotlight: PHE-EPS


Introducing another organizational member: PHE Canada!

Established in 1933, Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) empowers the PHE community, acting as a hub promoting the best practices. PHE Canada offers quality programs, professional development services, and engagement within the PHE community to ensure equitable access to the benefits of PHE.

As a member of Social Value Canada, we are happy that PHE Canada is embedding social value thinking in their activities to ensure that youths of all backgrounds in Canada have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to lead resilient, active, and healthy lives.

Learn more about PHE here. 

Social Value Canada Membership

Change begins with each of us!

Our Canadian network is bringing together a community of members interested in Social Value, Impact Management, and Social Return on Investment (SROI). Membership can be either individual or for a whole organization

Join Social Value Canada. Become part of an exciting global movement that seeks to change the way the world accounts for value. Be part of our international rising social value tide. Together we can lift all boats!

As an SVC member, you will be able to:

  • Gain access to the Canadian and international network of SVC
  • Be informed in the field’s newest developments
  • Build your expertise in social value and become a knowledge hub within your industry
  • Shape the agenda of the Canadian movement
  • Raise your profile and the awareness of your cause

Become a Social Value Canada Affiliate

SVC Affiliates are organizations that share our Canadian and global vision to address inequality and climate change, through decision-making that seeks to enhance the wellbeing for all.

There is no cost to affiliation, merely a mutual commitment to cross-post news, knowledge, and information about training and learning opportunities. SVC affiliates can offer their own members discounted access to SVC ‘happenings’.

As an affiliate you will also receive ongoing recognition as part of our national and international movement on the SVC website, in newsletters, and on social media. Contact Arnaud for more details.