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Social Value Canada Social Value August News

Event Series for SROI and Impact Management Professionals

We’re delighted to invite you to the launch of a new event series for SROI practitioners, impact management professionals and Social Value Canada members. 

The first of these Practitioner Gatherings, held on September 28th, will feature three seasoned social value practitioners:

  • Melek De-Wint, Independent Social Impact and Impact Management Consultant
  • Dan Kershaw, Executive Director of the Furniture Bank
  • Scott Richter, the Business and Innovation Manager in the Parks and Recreation Department, City of Medicine Hat.

Between them, they bring a range of experience in impact measurement and management and illustrate the applicability of SROI to vastly different contexts. They will share first-hand experiences, valuable takeaways, and insights into overcoming challenges connected to SROI. Bring your questions!

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals!

  • Thursday Sep 28, 1pm EST

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Help Wanted: Valuing Impact in Social Procurement

Did you see the recent article on social procurement, versus social value procurement? If not, you can catch up here. Social value procurement includes a monetized assessment of social and environmental impact, as part of the procurement decision.

Assessing and valuing social and environmental impact in procurement decision-making is essential – thus the increasing demand for professionals who can bring these skills to their work.

Do you assess and value impact? Or seek to? Join a practitioner discussion. Check out the Social Value Practitioner Pathway and please be in touch!

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Making the Case for a Social Value Procurement Policy

The Federal Government has an estimated purchasing power of $22 billion.

If we want to channel those resources towards objectives that foster well-being and sustainability, the government should adopt a social value procurement policy and train civil servants to conduct social value assessments.

That’s why Social Value Canada submitted two recommendations to this effect for the 2024 Federal Budget’s pre-budget consultation.

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Transforming the World with Impact Management

In a recent interview, the CEO of Social Value International, Ben Carpenter, spoke insightfully about the Social Value movement’s mission and contributions to addressing global challenges.

Ben discussed SVI’s collaboration with UNDP on the SDG Impact Standards, a management framework which helps shift companies and investors from SDG alignment to SDG action – from thinking about the SDGs as a mere “add-on”, to being central to how all business transactions are conducted.

He also made the case for legislation mandating the full integration of social and environmental value alongside financial value in company balance sheets to reveal the “total value” of a company.

If you did that for a tobacco company or an oil company, you might see that it’s not as successful or valuable to stakeholders as they currently appear.

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