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Social Value Canada Social Value January News Update

International Social Value Network Updates

Did you know that the social value networks meet on the 3rd Thursday, of every month to discuss current projects, updates, and ideas? As a member of SVC you are welcome to join these meetings. Some January highlights shared from networks around the world include:

South Africa:

  • Working on embedding Impact in Johannesburg through an ongoing social value academy project
  • Supporting women-led businesses
  • Expansion to Cape Town to test social value measurement in the IT industry


  • Working on their website launch
  • Will present Social Value at a conference to 500 organizations in Malaysia and at another conference in June to raise awareness with companies in Malaysia


  • Despite war and the context, has established connections to shape social entrepreneurs in Russia to help them account for the social value they are generating
  • Participating in a group to shape legislation to push for social impact measurement in the country


  • Conducts meetings with universities to understand how social value and measurement is taught in universities to shape high profile candidates and industrial leaders coming out of universities

And what about Social Value Canada?

  • SVC is supporting and assisting the development of the Canadian Capitals Coalition Hub
  • Planning to attend the upcoming ISSB Sustainability Forum on February 17/23
  • Courses scheduled throughout 2023 (Levels 1 and 2)
  • Two Canadian Social Value Exchange events – February 28 & March 29


What is Social Value?

We are launching an exciting campaign: collecting voices from around the world on what social value means to them.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on our social media and future newsletter. Would you like to participate? Contact use here.


Call for Celebration! – Lynette Epp – Social Value Associate

Please join us in celebrating our newest Canadian Social Value Associate, Lynette Epp.

Lynette recently passed the Social Value International Associate Practitioner Level 1 Exam with flying colors and we are excited to welcome her into the Practitioner Community.

“What excites me about Social Value Canada and its mission to ‘Change the way the world accounts for value’ is the idea that we CAN use a different lens to evaluate the impact that organizations are having – one that accounts for more than just the financial bottom line, and includes the tangible impacts being experienced by a whole range of stakeholders.”

Read more about Lynette’s thoughts on the social value movement and the training course here.

Join us on the Practitioner Pathway!

Are you ready to take Level 1 Practitioner Exam? Join a growing group of colleagues establishing themselves as a social value ‘go-to’ resource in Canada. More information is here.

Ready for Level 2? Join us March 27 (online) Register Now! Further start dates include

May 18 Register Now and July 10 Register Now. We look forward to seeing you.

The Pathway is your route to embed social value and impact management thinking into daily work and practice. Become a Practitioner. Let’s change the way the world accounts for value in 2023!

For more information about the Social Value Practitioner Pathway, click here.

News! News! News!

The IFRS, creator of ISSB, is hosting an inaugural Sustainability Symposium in February 2023. Register for the event here.

Pioneer’s Post introduces the social value trends to watch in 2023. Read the article.

At COP15 in December governments globally adopted the historic UN Biodiversity Global Biodiversity Framework, requiring businesses to assess and disclose their risks, impacts and dependencies on nature. Read more here.

Addressing the social pillar of sustainability is essential if we are to successfully adapt to and mitigate environmental change and degradation. The World Economic Forum released their Global Risk Report for 2022. Take a look here.

Social Value Canada Membership

Our Canadian network brings together a community of members interested in Social Value, Impact Management, and tools such as Social Return on Investment (SROI). Membership can be either individual or for a whole organization

Join Social Value Canada. Become part of an exciting global movement that seeks to change the way the world accounts for value. Be part of our international rising social value tide. Together we can lift all boats!

As an SVC member, you will be able to:

  • Gain access to the Canadian and international network of SVC
  • Be informed in the field’s newest developments
  • Build your expertise in social value and become a knowledge hub within your industry
  • Shape the agenda of the Canadian movement
  • Raise your profile and awareness of your cause

Become a Social Value Canada Affiliate

SVC Affiliates are organizations that share our Canadian and global vision to address inequality and climate change, through decision-making that seeks to enhance the wellbeing for all.

There is no cost to affiliation, merely a mutual commitment to cross-post news, knowledge, and information about training and learning opportunities. SVC affiliates can offer their own members discounted access to SVC ‘happenings’.

As an affiliate you will also receive ongoing recognition as part of our national and international movement on the SVC website, in newsletters, and on social media. Contact Arnaud for more details.