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Social Value Canada Social Value October News – SVC October Update

CPA Canada – Virtual Conference 2022

On the 2nd of November, CEO of Social Value International (SVI), Ben Carpenter and Stephanie Robertson, Board Chair of Social Value Canada (SVC), will be speaking at the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Canada Conference, Money and the World.

Join them at 1:15 EST in conversation with Garth Sherriff, the founder of Sheriff Consulting a firm specializing in professional and leadership skill courses for accounting and finance professionals, where they examine how to account for social value in business.

Register for this virtual event featuring panels of industry professionals and financial experts who will examine how the financial mechanisms, movements, and developments of Canada fit into the grand global scheme of things.

Barriers to Impact Measurement and Reporting?

Social Value Canada has partnered with Carleton University and Sprott School of Business in a research project to explore whether barriers exist to impact measurement and reporting. Do you have an opinion? We would love to hear it.

No matter your industry or role, help contribute to pioneering research. Answer our short five-minute survey by clicking on this link.

SVC Practitioner Database – Soon to be Launched!

At SVC we are working to meet the growing demand for SROI and Social Value Practitioners.

In order to do that we are launching a database for all people providing services connected to social value and impact. The database will help you connect with other practitioners and will support you in expanding your network.

We will be reaching out to all AP Level 1,2, and 3 Practitioners. If you would like to have your name and details in the database please get in touch here.

Social Value Matters Europe 24th-25th October 2022

Social Value Matter Europe is happening right now! On October 24 and 25, 2022 the largest conference dedicated to best practices and innovations in the world of social impact assessment and management is taking place in Turin, Italy.

The goal of the conference is to highlight the fundamental role that social value measurement can play in creating a sustainable world. By transforming the way we value impact, society will be able to make better decisions that will increase well-being, protect the environment and reduce social inequality. Check out the program and learn more here.

Upcoming Courses

Embark on the Practitioner Pathway! Join colleagues for one-day in November: Practitioner Training Level 1.

Explore the fundamentals of social value thinking and techniques to account for social value. This course is a great foundation for the two-day SROI practitioner course, great preparation for anyone preparing to sit the Level 1 Practitioner exam, and useful for those seeking to learn more about social value and all its applications. Click here to register!


Member Connect: Canada’s Latest Level 1 Practitioner!

Melanie is an Associate SROI Practitioner. She has extensive experience in the non-profit sector, is a social investing innovator, and sees social value and SROI as a shared language between partners, businesses, and sectors. We had the opportunity to hear her thoughts on what drew her to the social value movement and how she envisages her next steps.

What excites you about SVC and the social value movement?

Having spent over 30 years in the non-profit sector, Melanie works hard to make every dollar count. As Executive Director of Physical and Health Education Canada, Melanie knows that tracking the true impact of charities can be hard to do – how does one quantify the smile on a child’s face when they make it through a life-saving surgery for example. For sure, the cost of the surgeons, nursing, anesthetic, medications, infrastructure is one way, but in that smile is a whole other level of value that holds the real impact. Social return on investment measures what matters – the real and easily quantifiable medical costs, plus the qualitative impacts – the joy, the lifetime of potential, the influence their story will have on others and, the savings that come from treatment.

The social value movement enables non-profits and charities to express in numbers how their work contributes, both economically and socially, to our world and its people. While we may not be in the same business as for profits, we are all partners in creating a just and fair world. The Social Value movement brings our work closer together through a shared language.

How do you expect you will include social value thinking in your work?

Melanie is an innovator in the world of social investing. Melanie initiated Ottawa’s first pari passus mortgage between alternative social investment funders and the municipality, creating a community and arts centre in the heart of Ottawa. Melanie operated the centre as a social enterprise and raised over $1 million though social bonds to raise funds for the initial retrofit. Becoming certified as a Social Value Practitioner is the next step in this journey. As Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Physical and Health Education Canada, Melanie is looking to measure the social value of the organizations educational programming (e.g., STOMP) in health classes, as well as the social return on investment of their national healthy schools certification program. This program supports schools across Canada to centre wellbeing within their policies, curriculum, staffing and, environment through a combination of physical activity, mental wellbeing, curriculum, food programming and anti-oppression efforts so that each student can thrive.

Now that you are an AP1 Practitioner what will you do next?  

Melanie intends to continue applying her energy and skills to further the works of non-profits and charities. As she moves forward in the SVC certification levels, Melanie will offer SROI assessments to clients so that they too can use this measurement tool to refine their impact and attract new partners who share their goals for impact.

Social Value Canada Membership

Our Canadian network brings together a community of members interested in Social Value, Impact Management, and tools such as Social Return on Investment (SROI). Membership can be either individual or for a whole organization

Join Social Value Canada. Become part of an exciting global movement that seeks to change the way the world accounts for value. Be part of our international rising social value tide. Together we can lift all boats!

As an SVC member, you will be able to:

  • Gain access to the Canadian and international network of SVC
  • Be informed in the field’s newest developments
  • Build your expertise in social value and become a knowledge hub within your industry
  • Shape the agenda of the Canadian movement
  • Raise your profile and awareness of your cause

Become a Social Value Canada Affiliate

SVC Affiliates are organizations that share our Canadian and global vision to address inequality and climate change, through decision-making that seeks to enhance the wellbeing for all.

There is no cost to affiliation, merely a mutual commitment to cross-post news, knowledge, and information about training and learning opportunities. SVC affiliates can offer their own members discounted access to SVC ‘happenings’.

As an affiliate you will also receive ongoing recognition as part of our national and international movement on the SVC website, in newsletters, and on social media. Contact Arnaud for more details.