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Social Value Canada Social Value October News

NEW Affiliate Member: Common Good Mining

Common Good Mining is offering a new mining model based on equitable partnerships and mutual governance. Their vision is for social, environmental, and financial value to flow to all impacted by their operations.

Common Good seeks to deliver balanced, positive returns to communities impacted by resource projects through a collaborative process that emphasizes Indigenous and community involvement from the start. As part of that ambition, they seek to use the SROI methodology to illustrate the style and depth of relationships with First Nation communities, in partnership with communities where a mine is located.

When asked what excites them the most about the Social Value movement, Courtney Shearer, their CFO responded: “The concept of Social Value enables funders and governments to tangible value of social impacts in a way that those who normally judge business cases and business plans solely on financial benefits can interpret and understand.”

Find out more about Common Good Mining here!! Become an Affiliate Member! Click here!


All Social Value training occurs along a three-tiered ‘Professional Pathway’ designed for all seeking internationally recognized credentials in SROI and impact management.

Congratulations to Graham Hill, Vice President, Second Harvest, on becoming SVC’s newest Associate Social Value Practitioner.

What excites you about Social Value Canada and our mission?  

A consistent system of valuation of social impact will help society value investments in charities and other organizations. The knowledge-building program within SVC helps to provide people with tools to help quantify the value of and provide the human narrative.

What was your motivation to take the AP1 Exam and to join the practitioner community? 

To be able to demonstrate the impact of our non-profit and help others do the same. The goal was to bring in-house expertise around social impact valuation so we can better understand our programs and impact. The broader goal was to provide expertise to other local charities in our network so that we could all speak to the value of impact more effectively, and consistently. 

How do you think becoming a practitioner will impact you and your work? 

It already has challenged my thinking and perspectives on program creation, measurement, and my own personal investments.

Now that you are a Level 1 Practitioner, what’s next? 

SVI Practitioner Status, Level 2!!

Start your journey on the Professional Pathway here.


What is Social Value?

Do you ever get asked this question? We do, all the time! Recently, Pioneer’s Post asked Social Value International for ‘Social Value 101’. Click here to read the full article.

Why It’s Important to Build a Practitioner Network Across the Country

Melek De-Wint is a Quebec-based independent consultant who works with non-profits internationally. She has been a member of Social Value International since 2015 and living in Canada for the past 6 years. We asked Melek why she thinks it is important to build a practitioner network across the country.

“A practitioner network would allow new and seasoned IMM professionals to gain an understanding of how others are using the SROI framework to understand, measure, value and manage their impact, through open discussions and sharing of case studies.

Learning from others would make SROI methodology more accessible and achievable for new and prospective practitioners. Essentially, it would create a safe space to learn and practice together, leading to opportunities for collaboration and new partnerships. ”

Melek has over 20 years of experience in the youth development sector and has gained extensive experience in impact measurement and management (IMM).  She was trained as as SROI practitioner 8 years ago and has been using it in her work ever since. Read more about Melek’s practitioner journey below.

Click here to read the full interview!

Interested in SROI training? Click here. Do you have experiences & case studies to share? Contact us!

Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) Community Benefits Summit – October 28 @ Toronto City Hall

Too often, major infrastructure projects occur in communities, without the participation of communities. The result is often missed opportunities to create significant social, environmental, and financial value along the journey to achieve the infrastructure goal or objective. Community Benefits Agreements may well be the answer to harnessing the power of infrastructure to also achieve widespread social impact and positive change.

On October 28, the GTHA will host an important series of discussions on the potential of Community Benefit Agreements to foster economic inclusion, spur neighborhood and environmental improvements, and facilitate access to high-quality local job opportunities; as part of billions of dollars of investments in public transit, infrastructure and housing.

Stephanie Robertson, Board Member of Social Value Canada & Co-chair of Social Value International, will be a panelist on Community Benefits Agreements in Action: Sharing Our Stories and Lessons Learned.

Interested in Community Benefits Agreements? Click here to RSVP and join the discussion!

Resources: Buy Social Canada’s Report

In their latest report “Sell with Impact: Stories and Research from the Canadian Social Enterprise Sector,”  Buy Social Canada dismantle myths about social enterprises and show they are profitable while offering solutions for economic, social and environmental challenges.

Click here to read this insightful and comprehensive report on social enterprises!