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Welcome to SVM2020

Ben Carpenter, CEO of Social Value International and Stephanie Robertson, Board Cahir, Social Value Canada, set the stage for #SVM2020. They are joined by Chief Emily Whetung who lead the #SVM2020 community in a land acknowledgement and discussion of the serious nature and significant opportunity facing the social value community internationally.


Ben Carpenter
(Social Value International)

Stephanie Robertson
(Social Value Canada)

Emily Whetung
(Curve Lake First Nation)

Community is at the Core of Sustainable Wealth Creation

The world is calling for new and better leadership, leadership that sees community and value as the sum of their parts. Join Jed and Zita in conversation and explore our current state as it is influenced by value, place and human relationships.


Zita Cobb
(Shorefast Foundation)

Jed Emerson
(Blended Value)

Diversity & Inclusion as a focus on Financial Markets

Through insightful discussions with business leaders from the financial and natural resourcing sectors, we will explore Diversity & Inclusion as a critical driver for long-term value creation: why is it increasingly leveraged by capital markets, how this shift is impacting industries, and what are the implications for Building Back a Better Canada.


Janet Annesley
(Husky Energy Inc)

Antoine Mindjimba
(EY People Advisory Services)

Karen Ogen-Toews
(First Nations LNG Alliance)

Fate Saghir
(Mackenzie Investments)

Fiduciary Duty Its Cultural Roots and Future Prospects

Fiduciary duty is a term that is well-used, but is it well understood? Is it as rigid a construct as Milton Friedman would have us believe? Join Jed, Stephen and Jasmine in a conversation about this fundamental concept in finance and governance: past, present and future.


Narinder Dhami
(Marigold Capital)

Jed Emerson
(Blended Value)

Stephen Nairne
(Raven Indigenous Capital Partners)

Jasmine Rashid
(Candide Group)

Creating Social Value by Growing the Indigenous Economy

The Indigenous economy is growing at an exponential rate and is forecasted to soon reach $100 billion annually. It has the potential to be a significant contributor to the Canadian economy.

This panel discussion will bring together experts Clint Davis, Carol Anne Hilton, and Shannin Metatawabin to dive into the opportunities and challenges that this growth present.


Clint Davis
(Nunasi Corporation)

Carol Anne Hilton
(Indigenomics Institute)

Shannin Metatawabin
(The National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association (NACCA))

The Hon. Marc Miller
(Government of Canada)

Why Contracts Matter and How they Need to Change

To deliver real social value, we need to shift our thinking about contracting and the procurement process from one of being protective, to one of being enabling.

Discover how contracting can become an instrument that supports constructive communication with communities, with shared economic and social benefit.


Tabatha Bull
(Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB))

Tim Cummins
(International Association for Contract & Commercial Management)

Louise Townsend
(Morgan Sindall)

Why Philanthropy is Essential to Seed Social Finance

In the first half of the year, AVPN matched more than $10 Billion of investment to opportunities into COVID-19 recovery along the philanthropy – social finance spectrum. Join Naina Subberwal Batra, CEO of AVPN to explore the role of philanthropy within a clear vision for social finance to enable social and environmental impact.


Naina Subberwal Batra
(Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN))

The Role of Government in Enabling Impact Economies Around the World

Rebuilding and building economies beyond COVID 19 requires a very different style of engagement, one that is much more responsive and focused on enabling the strengths and abilities of communities.

In this new reality, what is the role of government? How can government strengthen community economies and enhance resilience?


The Hon. Karina Gould
(Government of Canada)

Vinod Rajasekaran
(Future of Good)

Bruktawit Tigabu
(Whiz Kids Workshop)

Paula Woodman
(British Council)

Where Impact Accounting Meets Financial Accounting

Financial accounting has been around for a couple of hundred years and financial information is the main driver of investment and expenditure decisions. Impact accounting has only been around for the last twenty years with the aim of influencing those decisions.

This session explores the current and possible future relationship between impact and financial accounting in the context of initiatives to bring them closer together.


Christine Rhodes
(Ernst & Young)

Jeremy Nicholls
(Social Value International)

Rob Zochowski
(Impact Weighted Accounts Initiative)

Marcelo Lu