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The world is calling for new and better leadership. We need action that truly acknowledges and values all people and our environment. Social Value Matters 2020 is an event for all who believe that ‘Wellbeing for all’ can no longer be a slogan.

We are motivated by the actions, thought-leadership and sharing of information already in evidence across the social value movement internationally. The discussion, networking and collaboration available at Social Value Matters 2020 is designed for everyone seeking to take their vision to address inequality and to reverse climate change to a higher level.

All sectors, organizations of all sizes, us as individuals … we each have a role to play. Social Value Matters 2020 offers you access to experts working on essential ideas and resources for a path to a truly sustainable future.


Elizabeth Boggs Davidsen

UNDP - SDG Impact

Jed Emerson

Blended Value

Carol Anne Hilton


Sonal Pandya Dalal

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

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