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Join Social Value Canada!

Social Value Canada is the national membership body for social value and impact management. We represent those working in the fields of social value, SROI and impact management, as well as organizations committed to measuring and maximizing the social value that they create.    

We convene, support, and represent members locally, nationally, and internationally. We also collaborate with our members in promoting social value thinking, developing social value principles and standards, and advancing the practice of impact management.   

We are a vibrant, active and diverse membership community who are united in our mission to change the way the world accounts for value.  

Your Gateway to the Global Movement

Social Value Canada is the Canadian affiliate of Social Value International, the global membership body for social value and impact management practitioners.

This means that when you join SVC, you can connect with 4,000 practitioners and professionals in over 60 countries, access SVI resources, and attend all SVI member events.

The goal is to enable all within the global network to

  • connect
  • learn
  • get accredited, and
  • shape the global movement.

Social Value Canada encourages your involvement at the local, national and global levels, guided by your interests and priorities.

Types of Membership

Social Value Canada welcomes all individuals and organizations seeking to advance meaningful measurement, management and creation of social value.  

We offer three types of membership to suit your needs.  

Individual Members are an integral part of our community — working as experts, practitioners and advocates. You will receive guidance and support in your training and accreditation to build and enhance your knowledge and skills.  

You will have opportunities to raise your profile, connect with peers, and stay abreast of social value and impact management news. And you can get involved – in contributing to events, supporting advocacy campaigns, and shaping our movement!

We know that organizations want to better understand and manage the positive and negative impact that they have on their stakeholders, communities, and the environment. 

Becoming an Organizational Member is a key step on your social value journey, beginning to account for a broader sense of value, which integrates social and environmental value alongside financial return.  

By understanding the impact your organization has on stakeholders – be it customers, employees, or the wider community – you can be responsive in your actions and take decisions that enhance wellbeing outcomes for people and planet.  

In addition to all the benefits listed below, we can offer you coaching and customized training – e.g. on Social Value and ESG Reporting – to help you embed the Social Value Principles and standards into your organizational practices and culture.

Social Value Affiliates share our vision to address inequality and climate change through decision-making that seeks to enhance wellbeing for all. The aim is to facilitate knowledge-sharing and to congregate a community of like-minded organizations.  

We and our affiliates commit to cross-post news, knowledge, and information about training and learning opportunities within our organizations. We seek to share information across the SVC community and hope our affiliate partners will do the same in return.  

There is no cost to affiliation. Affiliate members enjoy some but not all of the below member benefits. Those that apply are indicated with an asterisk * in the below. 

Member Benefits

  • Build a Canadian network and community of practice * 
  • Promote your services and expertise * 
  • Co-design training, services, or projects * 
  • Share ideas and knowledge across the network 
  • Vote for the Canadian Board of Directors 
  • Contribute to webinars, practitioner gatherings and conferences 
  • Engage in advocacy and campaigns 
  • Inform standards of practice through member consultations 

Also access these SVI benefits: 

  • Inform SVI responses to public consultations 
  • Join SVI working groups and committees 
  • Attend SVI’s Annual General Meeting 
  • Preferred pricing on training and accreditation * 
  • SVC and SVI newsletters, blogs, websites * 
  • Practitioner Gatherings and Social Value Exchange events  
  • Access to guidance, publications, and technical documents  
  • Timely updates on public good standards and impact management frameworks  

Also access these SVI benefits: 

  • Introduction to Social Value workshop (monthly) 
  • Social Value Case Studies (quarterly webinars) 
  • “Top Tips” professional development series (bi-monthly) 
  • Monthly drop-in sessions for technical questions or support on social value reports 
  • SVI Member spotlights (monthly) 
  • SVI Newsletters and Events round-ups (monthly) 
  • Access to SVI resource library including webinar recordings, guidance, templates, and other resources  
  • Join our Practitioner Gatherings and other member events  
  • Propose and deliver member events * 
  • Discover opportunities to connect * 

Also access these SVI benefits: 

  • Chat, exchange advice, and explore opportunities with Canadian and international members in the SVI Members Area 
  • Build new contacts and expand your professional network through the SVI member database 
  • Enjoy discounts on SVI conferences 
  • Share your social value work, articles & blogs in the SVI members Area.
  • Embark on the SVI Professional Pathway  
  • Become an accredited practitioner and showcase your internationally recognized skills  

Also access these SVI benefits: 

  • Gain Accredited Trainer Status 
  • Become an Assessor  
  • Join continuing professional development events  
  • Get your social value reports assured, giving them an externally verified mark of quality and credibility  
  • Obtain other SVI accreditations including the Social Value Management Certificate 

*Applies to Affiliate Members 

Read the full list of SVI benefits here

All prices in Canadian dollars ($ CDA)