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Social Value Canada is the membership organization representing those working in the field of Social Value across Canada. We convene, support, collaborate with and represent members locally, nationally, and internationally, resulting in a vibrant and active membership community.

The diversity of sectors, industries and backgrounds within Social Value Canada hold one thing in common; awareness of the need to change the way society accounts for value. In joining the network, Social Value Canada members automatically gain joint membership in Social Value International, a pioneering community of practice with members from more than 45 countries.

Find out more about what it means to be a member of Social Value Canada here.

Membership Descriptions

All individuals and organizations have a role to play in the rapidly emerging social value conversation. The membership offering of Social Value Canada is designed to encourage maximum involvement across a range of practice, experience and organizational structure.


Individual Members demonstrate a commitment to best practice and professionalism in the growing fields of social value and social impact management.

Social Value Pioneer

The most popular organizational membership, a Social Value Pioneer is any organization seeking to embed the Principles of Social Value across their organization.

Social Value Partners

Organizations whose purpose is to support others in improving their social value measurement and management; and/or whose values and mission support our own. Join as a Social Value Partner and help us develop the Social Value movement.

Please select the membership option approporiate for you and your organization from the table below. We look forward to your participation!

Membership Tiers by Revenue


Not-For-Profits, Charities, Social Enterprises


For-Profit Business





Tier 1





Tier 2

$501k – $5M




Tier 3

$5.01M – $10M




Tier 4

$10.01M +