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Social Value Canada has been offering the flagship Social Value & SROI Accreditation Practitioner Training since 2011, on behalf of Social Value International (SVI).  This course is a key part of the SVI accredited practitioner pathway (Level 2) for social value professionals in Canada and around the world.

While in-person training will resume in the future, Social Value Canada will be presenting the Social Value & SROI Accreditation Course online for the foreseeable future.

One course innovation that has occurred in response to COVID 19 is the opportunity to access this flagship course at two levels of depth, i.e. the standard training package and ‘View Only’.   Standard training seats are limited to 10 per course and are designed for participants seeking to include to course exercises and coaching as part of their experience.

Those choosing the ‘View Only’ course will be welcome to fully participate in course discussion, however will not have exercises to complete or access to coaching outside of course time.  In consultation with the course instructor it may be possible to upgrade to a Standard Training package once a course has begun, in consultation with the course leader.

Discounts on training and local, national and international events is one of the benefits associated with SVC Membership.  Cost per seat is based upon whether one is an individual, a student or is representing an organization, in addition to sector pricing.

Training is now scheduled for OCTOBER

October 12th , 14th, 19th, 21st and 23rd.  Exact times will be available shortly.

TypeView OnlyView OnlyStandard TrainingStandard Training
TypeView OnlyStandard Training
2020 *Member2020 Non-Member2020 *Member2020 Non-Member
Individual (non-affiliated)$845$1,250$1,295$1,550
Non Profit$895$1,250$1,295$1,550
Small or Medium Enterprise$1,095$1,450$1,450$1,850
Public Sector$1,295$1,550$1,550$1,950

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All prices in Canadian dollars ($ CDA)

*Members refers to members of Social Value International and Joint Member Networks