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Bill Baue

Senior Director

As a Systems Change Catalyst, Bill Baue designs methods to deliver maximum social and environmental impact. Fostering systemic transformation at the global, company, and community levels, he specializes in Sustainability Context as well as Blended Stakeholder Engagement taking place online and in-person. He currently serves as Senior Director of r3.0 where he oversees the creation of ‘blueprints’ for sustainability in areas such as reporting, accounting, data, new business models, sustainable finance, and value cycles. He is also leading the establishment of the Global Thresholds & Allocations Council as well as conducting valuable research for the International Integrated Reporting Council and the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development.

Bill subscribes to the ideals of innovation and promotes the implementation of responsible reporting in number of ways. He describes himself as a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded a number of companies and initiatives including r3.0, ThriveAbility Foundation, Sustainability Context Group, Sea Change Radio, and Currnt. He has worked with organizations across the sustainability ecosystem, from advocacy NGOs such as Audubon, Ceres, and Worldwatch Institute to multinational corporations such as GE and Walmart. His work has also brought him into contact with national standard-setters and educational institutions such as Harvard and the Marlboro Sustainability MBA, in addition to United Nations entities including the UN Conference on Trade and Development.

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