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Giovanna Michelon

Bristol University
Professor of Accounting

Giovanna Michelon is Professor of Accounting at the University of Bristol. Broadly speaking her research interests are in the field of sustainability accounting and reporting, while her published work has focused on the governance process and systems that underpin corporate actions and accountability on sustainability issues, as well as on the role that sustainability information plays in capital markets.

Giovanna is highly engaged with both the academic community and practitioners. She is currently Co-editor of Accounting Forum, where she advocates and promotes the diversity of interests and epistemologies in accounting research. She is Editor-in-Chief of the European Accounting Association Resource Centre, an initiative to stimulate the research productivity of doctoral students and accounting faculty. She is also a Council member of the Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (University of St. Andrews) and Chair of the ACCA Global Forum for Governance, Risk and Performance where she helps setting the research agenda of this professional body in the fields of corporate governance and risk management.

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