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Jeremy Nicholls

Social Value International
Board Member

Jeremy Nicholls founded the UK SROI Network in 2007 with the mission to change the way the world accounts for value. As Chief Executive, he was instrumental in developing the social value movement across the globe, while also creating SVUK’s training, assurance and accreditation services.

In 2015 when the SROI Network joined with the Social Impact Analysts Association to form Social Value International and Social Value UK, Jeremy became Chief Executive of both organizations. Jeremy stepped down as Chief Executive in June 2018 but remains an active Board participant and member of the SVI network.

In 2020, Jeremy continues to play instrumental roles in discussions on accounting standards and reporting. He works part time with the Impact Management Project and is a non executive director of the FRC Group, the Social Investment Business, Simetrica Jacobs and Keystone Accountability. He currently chairs the British Standards Institute’s social value subcommittee .

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