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Paul Allard

Impak, the independent impact rating agency

Paul Allard knows that one day it will be mandatory for every organization to publish impact statements alongside their financial statements. Coming with over than 20 years of experience with innovative companies, Paul is a renowned leader in responsible investment. He co-founded Impak Finance Inc, an independent impact rating agency, with a mission of realizing a transparent and collaborative financial system where people can invest in initiatives that reflect their values. His insights into data, how we think about money, and the importance of interconnectivity has helped him establish a truly innovative and global organization, with initiatives such as a scoring system based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the first cryptocurrency dedicated to the impact economy.

Impak Finance is far from Paul’s first successful impact-based enterprise. He also founded Engagement Labs previously, a data-based communications company, and co-created its eValue™ analytics and scoring tools for measuring social media marketing. Prior to that he co-founded, the first multilanguage WebTV channel devoted to sustainable development, as well as founded ZAQ Inc, a web services and interactive TV technology company.

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