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Robyn Seetal

CPA, Founding Director, Capitals Coalition, Sustainability Advisor & Facilitator

Robyn Seetal is a CPA, CA and an award winning, sustainability and climate change consultant and Founder of IkTaar Sustainability. She combines her enterprise risk management skill set, accounting background, and sustainability expertise to create shared value for organizations and their stakeholders. She lends her expertise to the Carbon Disclosure Standards Board as a member of their international technical working group and supports CPA Canada develop training and guidance for its members on environmental, social, governance topics.

Robyn is a founding board member of Local Investing YYC, an impact investment cooperative that has raised $1.3M to date and serves as the Co-Chair of Climate and Environment Steering Committee for the World Economic Form’s Global Shaper Community and Advisory Council for In 2021, Robyn supported the formation of the Canadian chapter of the Capitals Coalition as a founding board member.

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