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Sara Olsen

SVT Group
Founding Partner

Nothing drives me crazier than funders and investors, who mean to help, accidentally preventing organizations from solving social and environmental problems by confusing outputs that are easy to count with true impact. Captivated by the idea that one day investors could understand not only their financial return on investment but also their social returns, I started SVT Group, the first impact management firm, in 2001. SVT has gone on to train nearly 6,000 individuals, in-person, in impact management skills and assess the social and environmental value of over $9Bn in assets.

Do you wish your social or environmental value made it easier to obtain resources? Do you want your peers to do things the way your organization does because it would make the world better? These are some of the questions SVT Group has worked with clients to address over the past 17 years

SVT Group is a “best for the world” certified B corporation and impact management firm that designs and implements systems to measure, manage and communicate social and ecological impact. We serve asset owners, managers and advisors deploying private equity, debt and grants, and the entrepreneurs and executives whose organizations transform this type of capital into high impact and return on investment.

Our diverse and inspiring clients include Yo Yo Ma, Beneficial State Bank and CalPERS’ Environmental Investment Advisor. Our work together has improved the way our clients assess impact and created direct streams of previously hidden value.