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Teara Fraser

Raven Institute

Teara Fraser is the CEO and Founder of Iskwew Air, an Indigenous-women owned airline boosting accessibility to remote communities. An avid pilot, she loves seeing others fall in love with flight and is inspired by connecting people with the changing land. Teara is also CEO and Founder of Raven Institute, a gathering space to connect hearts, minds, and hands. Rooted in Indigenous ways of knowing and being, Raven contributes to the development of humans, organizational systems, and community.

A deep commitment to leadership and safety inspired Teara to establish the Aviation Leadership Foundation in 2008, and she proudly serves as a Board Director for the British Columbia Aviation Council (BCAC).  She continues to offer her aviation expertise to aviation companies as a strategic advisor, regulatory advisor, safety expert, executive coach, incident/accident trauma coach, and leadership development designer.

Teara Fraser holds a Master of Arts in Leadership degree from Royal Roads University, and she is a Certified Executive Coach. The journey of learning now takes her back to Royal Roads as Associate Faculty in the Master of Arts in Leadership program and to Fielding University where she is studying in the Human Development Ph.D. program.

Teara is a brave-hearted Iskwew warrior, an edgewalker, a dreamer, a disrupter, a mother, a leader, an entrepreneur, and a proud Métis bridge builder.

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