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Tim Cummins

International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM)

As Founder and President of the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM), Leeds University Professor Tim Cummins is uniquely positioned to redefine best practices for supply chain management. IACCM shares insights on contracting and commercial management with its membership body of over 60,000. His work is globally recognized, with Cummins earning the Financial Times ‘Market Shaper’ award for his pioneering of data-based, industry-wide standards for contract management.

Cummins envisions a world in which trading relationships deliver both economic and social benefits. In recognition of the growing expectation for businesses to serve a purpose other than profit, he sees a need for a fundamental shift in contracting practices and attitudes. He is currently leading ‘Contract for Change’ a working group with a mandate to study how social value is defined and implemented across the world. Of particular interest is how it is measured and how it can fit into public sector procurement, with the hope of driving the necessary changes to address the challenges of sustainability, inequality, and social cohesion.

Prior to founding IACCM, Cummins handled export markets and developed global contracting processes with IBM. He led negotiations up to $1.5 billion in value and has served in advisory roles for the US, UK, Australian, Canadian, and Japanese governments.

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