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Accreditation Practitioner Course Purchase

Social Value and SROI Training gives you the knowledge and tools necessary to measure and maximise the social value of your activities. So whether you’re a public body, a charity measuring your impact and improving your services, or a private business looking at your triple bottom line, SROI training will help you.

This course is a key part of the SVI Accredited Practitioner Pathway for social value professionals in Canada and around the world.  It is a practical guide to Social Value and SROI analysis applying the 7 principles of Social Value. It is also a requirement for those wanting to become an Accredited Practitioner.

TypeSVC *MemberNon-Member
Individual (non-affiliated)$950 $1,295
Student$750 $1,050
Non Profit$950 $1,295
Small or Medium Enterprise$1,295 $1,450
Public Sector$1,295 $1,550
Corporation$1,850 $2,250

All prices in Canadian dollars ($ CDA)

*Members refers to members of Social Value International and Joint Member Networks