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SVC Member Connect: Anne Miller

SVC Member Connect:

Anne Miller is a Level 3 Advanced Practitioner!

We are excited to highlight one of our valued SVC members: Anne Miller!

Anne is an Advanced SROI practitioner and licensed SROI trainer. She has conducted research, evaluation, and SROI analysis in fields such as crime prevention, youth at-risk and housing.

Here is our full interview with Anne:

What excites you about Social Value Canada and our mission?  

I find the social value thinking promoted through the Social Value Canada network exciting and think that a collaborative/network approach to advancing social value thinking is a wonderful way to simultaneously ‘talk the talk’ and ‘walk the walk’.

Why do you think it is important that we build a practitioner network across the country? 

Connecting practitioners across the country can advance social value thinking and practice and can help advance a social value approach within multiple sectors and industries while simultaneously creating a mutually supportive community of practice.

How have you integrated social value thinking into your organization?

Social value thinking is deeply embedded within our organization. Within all of our work, we seek to involve stakeholders and build deep understanding that can help ensure we’re valuing what matters and communicating that value effectively.

How do you contribute to shaping the social value movement? 

All of our social value work involves elements of capacity building, and we also provide specific training as needed/requested. We also seek to initiate social value conversations among stakeholders and clients to advance social value thinking through our practice.

What are some exciting projects that you are currently working on?  

Currently, we’re supporting the Elizabeth Fry Society in Vancouver with ongoing capacity building and direct support for social valuation of their wide range of impactful programming. It’s so exciting to see the amazing work done by the Society and to be able to translate that into social value language that helps the organization understand and articulate their impact in a different way.

We hope you have heard about the recent launch of Prinicple 8 “Be Responsive” and we are wondering what Principle 8 means to you and how will it impact your work? What will it change? 

I think this Principle helps us move our results more intentionally from ‘so what?’ to ‘now what?’ by encouraging us to provide recommendations and direct support to clients for actions that optimize the impacts on wellbeing for all stakeholder groups.