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SVC Member Connect: Linzi Williamson

SVC Member Connect:

Linzi Williamson is a Level 1 Associate Practitioner!

Please join us in celebrating our newest Canadian Social Value Practitioner. Linzi has passed the AP1 exam with flying colors and we are excited to welcome her into the Practitioner Community.

Here is our full interview with Linzi:

What excites you about Social Value Canada and our mission?  

That your organization strives to change the way value is defined and prioritizes what is valuable to a diversity of stakeholders, many of which, historically, have been silenced or ignored.

What was your motivation to take the exam and join the Practitioner Community? How do you think it will impact you and your work?

As a PhD-trained and credentialed program evaluator, I am always striving to further my skill set and network with like-minded individuals.

Why do you think it is important that we build a practitioner network across the country? 

So that people do not feel isolated and alone. In research and evaluation, it is easy to get so involved in your work that you close yourself off. Precarious funding can also create silos as people feel protective of what they have. Reminding people that we are on the same side and working towards a common goal is essential.

Now that you are an AP1 Practitioner, what is next?

I am eager to put my new skills into practice! I am part of a team of researchers and practitioners from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who recently secured funding to implement a project where the principles and standards of Social Value Canada will be applied.