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SVC Member Connect: Lynette Epp

SVC Member Connect:

Lynette Epp is a Level 1 Associate Practitioner!

Please join us in celebrating our newest Canadian Social Value Practitioner. Lynette has passed the AP1 exam with flying colors and we are excited to welcome her into the Practitioner Community.

Here is our full interview with Lynette:

What excites you about Social Value Canada and our mission?  

What excites me about Social Value Canada and its mission to ‘Change the way the world accounts for value’ is the idea that we CAN use a different lens to evaluate the impact that organizations are having – one that accounts for more than just the financial bottom line, and includes the tangible impacts being experienced by a whole range of stakeholders.

Why do you think it is important that we build a practitioner network across the country? 

A Canadian Social Value Practitioner Network allows those who are adopting a Social Value lens to connect with resources and like-minded individuals to support the work I’m doing in this area, and to increase visibility and adherence to the Standards of the approach.

Now that you are an AP1 Practitioner, what is next?

I look forward to supporting my team as we embark upon a Social Return on Investment analysis for a local not-for-profit organization, and putting into practice the excellent training I received as we work through the process of developing a social value report to showcase the impacts this organization is having in the community.