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SVM2020 – Speaker Profile – Paul Allard

Social Value Matters 2020

Speaker Profiles

Paul Allard

Have you recently bought something from a company that you know makes a positive social and environmental impact? If so, you’re contributing to an impact economy. At this year’s #SVM2020, we’ll be discussing the rise of the impact economy with Paul Allard, the Chief Ecosystem Officer of Impak Finance Inc.

Paul created Impak, an impact rating agency that rates companies based on their social and environmental impact. Impak’s mission is to channel capital towards businesses that are making a positive impact, and to use the impact assessment as an incentive to truly mitigate a company’s negative impacts and create positive ones. Impak contributes to shift the purpose of capital in society while still considering profitability.

Indeed, there is a growing acceptance that traditional financial indicators, like the GDP, have contributed to our current social, environmental and financial crises. The social value agenda, which includes the impact economy, offers the skills and tools needed to correct these imbalances, as it focuses on actions that value people and the environment.

This year’s #SVM2020 conference will the year’s largest, most important gathering of social value experts worldwide.

Join the #SocialValueMatters conversation this September!

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