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#SVCANEX on July 8, 2021 offered fascinating conversation on three core topics. 

  • What happens when we value impact within procurement? 
  • How to value and disclose impact within financial statements 
  • How Social Value Canada can support the work of our partner networks and initiatives 

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International Update

#SVCANEX started in conversation with Rebecca Harvey, International Networks Manager.

Our global movement is growing! This is a 15-minute glimpse into current goals, objectives and priorities of the social value movement, under the leadership of international colleagues. 


Rebecca Harvey
(Social Value International)

Stephanie Robertson
(Social Value Canada)

Member Exchange – Shared Experience 

SVC members across the country are using SROI and social value tools across the country. This conversation offered shared experience, insights into benefits and challenges, and was simply insightful and interesting to all thinking about expressing social value in their work. 


Sophia Robinson
(McLaren Housing Society of BC)

Edmond Michaud
(Hommes Sept-Îles)

Keith Taylor
(DUCA Impact Lab)

Scott Richter
(City of Medicine Hat)

The Potential of Procurement is Much More than You Think

Can procurement save the planet? Its potential to enable positive change is much greater than many currently understand.

This inspiring and engaging conversation will leave you motivated to engage all levels of government, all corporations and all non-profit purchasers – everyone – in the urgent movement to consider how we choose suppliers that offer a clear vision for social and environment return.  


Claire Dove, OBE
(VCSE, Great Britain)

Victor Beausoleil

Tabatha Bull
(Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business)

Stephanie Robertson
(Social Value Canada)

Network Stakeholder Discussion

Social Value Canada sees itself as in support of other networks. This conversation was only a beginning of more to come, as much important work is being done by many. 


Kate Ruff
(Carleton Centre for Community Innovation)

David Santelli

Ashley Wang

Bryn Sadownik
(Vancity Community Foundation)

Stephanie Robertson
(Social Value Canada)

Disclosing Impacts in Financial Statements 

This conversation was thrilling! (Really? Can accounting be thrilling?) Well, yes, with these four it can be and it was. 

Our mission ‘to change the way the world account for value’ seems possible when conversations like these take place.  As you will hear, companies, regulators and auditors are having tangible conversations about disclosure of social and financial impacts.  Why? Because impact disclosure is material to the business, to investors, and to the stakeholders impacted by corporate activities.  Watch this fascinating video. And yes, it is about accounting 


Rosie Dunscombe
(Disclosing Impacts Financial Statements, Capitals Coalition)

Rob Zochowski
(Impact Weighted Accounts, Harvard Business School)

Leonie Phillips
(Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario)

Robyn Seetal, CPA
(Capitals Coalition Canada, Sustainability Advisor)

Do you have a topic for future #SVCANEX discussions? Your ideas are welcome and can be shared here.