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The Canadian Social Value Exchange (#SVCANEX) is an ongoing series of gatherings for members, thought leaders and practitioners across the breadth of the social value community.  

Every day, momentum grows around topics exploring the need to change the way the world accounts for value; in decision-making, in reporting, and within sustainability strategies. Join us in this important exchange as we strive to address inequality, to achieve the sustainable development goals, and to enable greater well-being for all. 

SVExchange Event Nov 30

On Nov 30, we are inviting you to a deep dive session to explore the SROI journey of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Canada (Award Canada).

Award Canada operates an international award for young people that challenges, empowers, and recognizes youth between the ages of 14 and 24. Since 1963, they have helped motivate young people in Canada to set goals and challenge themselves to take control of their lives and futures. Today, Award Canada can be found coast to coast to coast, engaging over 11,000 young people and over 1,400 adult volunteers annually. In 2022, they generated $18.9 million social value and every $1 invested in Award Canada had an SROI of $3.20.

In this session on November 30th, Stephen De-Wint, the Chief Executive Officer of Award Canada will join us to share their journey in using SROI to measure and manage the impact of their award program. He will share their first-hand experiences, valuable takeaways, and insights into overcoming challenges while conducting their SROI analysis.

These Practitioner Gatherings are meant to be shaped and driven by your needs and interests and designed to support you in your practice. We want to foster a peer-to-peer approach that provides a dynamic, interactive platform for you to exchange ideas, solve challenges, and collaborate with peers.


On Sep 27, we hosted a fascinating and insightful conversation about conducting an SROI with three seasoned practitioners. Between them, Melek De-Wint, Dan Kershaw and Scott Richter illustrated the value and relevance of SROI for organizations operating in vastly different sectors and contexts.

If you missed it and are interested in impact management and SROI, you’ll want to watch the event recording.

Rosemarie - Left Blue

On May 31, Rosemarie Powell made compelling cases for the social and economic value that is created through Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) and the need to enshrine social procurement in all publicly funded contracts. 

Time for a social value act for Canada? 

Watch this conversation here

Keith - Right Blue

On April 26, Keith Taylor, the Executive Director of DUCA Impact Lab, joined us for a fascinating conversation about Impact Lab initiatives to provide credit to Canadians who are currently not eligible to access mainstream banking options.  

The discussion highlighted the value of the economic and social impact that such relief from predatory loans can deliver for individuals, households, and communities.  

Watch the conversation here


Gender empowerment has driven all of Bonnie’s work — from establishing a social enterprise that supports marginalized women across Asia and Africa to founding a consultancy that promotes diversity within impact investing.  

SROI (social return on investment) training has shaped her international career, how she conducts impact measurement and stakeholder engagement projects, and has enabled her to speak truth to powerful institutions. 

Click here to see the full webinar.

Sean Wiltshire cover card

Sean Wilshire spoke about transforming your organization through decision making, this webinar which took place on March 1st, 2023. Click here to see the full webinar.

SVM std

The Social Value Matters 2022, which took place on October 24th-25th, 2022. Click here to see the past agenda and speakers.


The Social Value Matters 2021, which took place on October 20th-21st, 2021.

The Canadian Social Value Exchange, which took place on July 8, 2021. Click here to see the past agenda, speakers and recordings

#SVM2020, which took place on September 28-29, 2020. Click here to see information about this event

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