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The Social Value Practitioner Pathway

The Practitioner Pathway will see practitioners develop their skills, knowledge and practice in social value, impact management and the practical application of the SVI framework in social impact assessment and SROI.  The SVI Framework is guided first and foremost by the Social Value Principles, and supported by guidance and standards.  This pathway is designed to ensure that individuals across the SVI network have a good level of technical understanding theoretically and in practice. This then also becomes the pre-requisite for being an accredited trainer and for provision of the assurance and accreditation services.

This new process of certification has been adopted by SVC and will be administered by SVI to ensure rigorous international standards.  You can now achieve levels of certification through our 3 level pathway.

There are three levels of achievement along the SVI practitioner pathway. These are:

Level 1 – Associate practitioner certification is achieved through writing an online exam.  Preparation is based upon a reading list and other self-directed experience.  To access the exam through Social Value Canada, one must be a member.

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Level 2 – Accredited Practitioner certification is achieved through completing the Social Value International accreditation course, either in person or on-line.  Each Level 2 practitioner must also have submitted a case study for peer review. To submit a case for peer review, one must be a member of a national network (where possible), or a member of SVI.

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Level 3 – An advanced practitioner has level 1 or level 2 certification, has completed the SVI training course and has successfully submitted a case for assurance.

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