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Currently, Social Value Canada is developing both a series of online and in-person courses for offer to our members and other interested participants.  While in-person courses will resume when circumstances allow, we are thrilled to be working with a series of gifted course leaders with experience and success leading social value courses within an on-line environment.

Social Value Canada has been offering the flagship Social Value & SROI Accreditation Practitioner Training since 2011, on behalf of Social Value International (SVI).  This course is a key part of the SVI Accredited Practitioner Pathway for social value professionals in Canada and around the world. A new process of certification has been adopted by SVC and SVI.  You can now achieve levels of certification through our 3 level pathway.

In addition, Social Value Canada welcomes opportunities to partner with other training organizations offering content, skill and knowledge-development opportunities that align with the broader social value agenda, internationally.  Please get in touch with the Social Value Canada Secretariat should you have a course and/or training opportunity you believe would be of interest to our membership.