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Upcoming Webinars
SVC Conversation Series - July 30th at 1pm EST

In Conversation on Procurement with Louise Holiday (to be confirmed)

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Past Webinars
SVC Conversation Series: Social Impact Measurement

Social Value is of private, public and social-sector importance. Social Value Canada is a network bringing social value skills and knowledge to our work.

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Practitioner Pathways #100for20

There are 3-levels of certification. Find out which one you may have already achieved and how to access!

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La valeur sociale revêt une importance privée, publique et sociale. Social Value Canada est un réseau qui apporte des compétences et des connaissances à valeur sociale à notre travail.

Il existe 3 niveaux de certification. Découvrez celui que vous avez peut-être déjà atteint et comment y accéder!

SVC Discussion Series: Social Impact Measurement

Issues and opportunities for the social economy sector. Guest speaker Emilien Gruet from Tiess.