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All individuals and organizations have a role to play in the rapidly emerging social value conversation

We must achieve the United Nations 2030 SDG's

Social and environmental impact must be valued as we make decisions about our common future.

Your Participation is essential

Social value thinking applies everywhere. Learn how to confidently integrate social value thinking into everything you do.

Social value reporting standards matter

Integrate social value into your professional work. Join our growing network of practitioners.

What is social value thinking? Social value thinking is an alternative to the view that financial returns are the only way to measure value creation. Social value thinking acknowledges the importance of financial capital, alongside human, natural, cultural and social capitals. Social value thinking requires tangible knowledge and understanding of impact upon people, the environment and the economy before taking any action…

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The Power of Identifying Social Impact

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Social Value & Social Return on Investment (SROI) Training Increasingly Essential for Credible ESG, UNSDG, Sustainability Reporting

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Social Value and SROI Training

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